Our Services


All Treatment facilities under One Roof

We serve people from top to bottom in treatment process. Under one roof one can get all the treatment facilities.


Online Treatment facilities available

Online treatment facilities are also available.


Door Treatment facility

We provide Door treatment facility if asked for. We will arrange all treatment facilities for a patient in his/her home.


24 X 7 Service

Our phone lines are open 24 X 7. Means, one can call at anytime to get our help and support.


Select Proper Mode of Treatment

After listening the symptoms we can select the proper mode of treatment, proper concerned department, proper doctors & also proper suitable hospital or clinic for the patient. Otherwise patient's wish may also be accepted.


Receive & Drop Patient at Door

We receive the patient from door & after treatment leave him/her at door.


Provide Genuine Diagnostic Centre & Patho Lab

We can also provide genuine diagnostic centre, patho lab otherwise patient's wish, which one is suitable


Select Proper Medicines

We provide original & proper medicines otherwise patient's wish, which one is suitable.


Serve Patient properly & genuinely

Our motto is to serve patient properly & genuinely. We can also help properly to patient who is a Medical Insurance Policy holder.


Provide Services only to Members

Our Trust is a non-profitable Organisation and made for to provide good services only to our members.

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